International Meeting: Megaliths of the World

International Meeting: Megaliths of the World

9-14 sept. 2019 Historial de la Vendée (Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne, France)



Conference program

Abstracts - to download here (little last minute changes in the programm below, included) | Programme of the excursion

 Monday 9th of September  Thuesday 10th of September  Wednesday 11th of September  Thursday 12th of September  Friday 13th of September Saturday 14th of September 
Morning 8.30 am, 12.40 am Morning 8.30 am, 12.40 am Morning Morning 8.30 am, 12.40 am Morning 8.30 am, 12.40 am Morning 8.30 am, 1 pm

Reception of participants
Official speeches

 The word of the organizers

Introducing conferences to the meeting (2h)

⊳ Mediterranean megalithism: a long history
GUILAINE Jean (40’)
Beyond comparison - the diversity of megalith building
BRADLEY Richard (40’)
Megalithism... but again? For a theoretical approach to funerary monumentalism
GALLAY Alain (40’)

Megaliths from Rapa Nui to Indonesia (4h)

 General introduction

Polynesian Megaliths: A Genealogical and Dynamic Architecture
CAUWE Nicolas (40’)
Traveling Stones and the Materiality of Permanence in the Papuan Gulf (Papua New Guinea) and Australia
BELL Joshua, DAVID Bruno (40’)
Monumental architecture in a World of Oceanic « small Islands (Micron-Nesia) »
SAND Christophe (40’)
⊳ Rise and disappearance of Indonesian megaliths
STEIMER Tara (30’)
Megaliths of Sumatra and Nias: A Life Cycle Assessment
BONATZ Dominik (30’)
The social context of megalithic practice, an ethnoarchaeological approach: what we can learn from current megalith builders of Sumba (Indonesia)?
JEUNESSE Christian (30’)
Menhirs of Tana Toraja, Indonesia: A Preliminary Ethnoarchaeological Assessment
ADAMS Ron, ROBIN Guillaume (30’)


Megaliths from Eastern and Central Asia (4h)

 General introduction
L. NESPOULOUS et al. (10’)

The Manifold Megalithism of East Asia
NESPOULOUS Laurent (30’)
Megaliths in Japanese prehistoric and protohistoric times
KIKUCHI Yoshio (30’)
Dolmens on the Korean Peninsula
SON Joon-ho (30’)
Prehistoric Cairns and Dolmens in Manchuria, China
MIYAMOTO Kazuo (30’)
Monuments in the mountains: the megalithic graves of western China
HEIN Anke (40’)
Adorned megaliths and funerary complexes at the Bronze Age in Mongolia
MAGAIL Jérôme (40’)
⊳ Megalithic traditions in early Bronze Age of Mongolian Altaï : Chermuchek (qie'murqieke) cultural phenomenon
KOVALEV Alexei (40’)

Megaliths from sub-Saharian Africa (4h)

 General introduction

Eastern Africa : 5 millenium of megalithism
CROS Jean-Paul (40’)
⊳ Ng’amoratunga pillar sites of northwest Kenya
HILDEBRAND Elisabeth (40’)
⊳ Megaliths in Madagascar
Megaliths from Senegal and Gambia in their regional context
LAPORTE Luc, BOCOUM Hamady, CROS Jean-Paul, NDIAYE Matar, DELVOYE Adrien, DJOUAD Selim, BALLOUCHE Aziz, LAMOTTE Pierre (40’)
Megaliths of Nigeria: The Footprints of Ancient Civilisation
EDET Abu S., SULE Abubakar S. (40’)
Why Megaliths in sub-Saharan Africa? Some Thoughts on Monumentality and Materiality
INSOLL Timothy (40’)

Oldest megaliths known in the state of art (2h)

Göbekli Tepe World Heritage Site (WHS), Şanlıurfa: Changing Perspectives
CLARE Lee (40’)
Larger than life: Monumentality of the landscape and nonhuman imagery at Lepenski Vir
BORIC Dušan (40’)
On the Atlantic shores. The origin of megaliths in Europe?
LAPORTE Luc, SCARRE Chris, BUENO RAMIREZ Primitiva (40’)

 Poster Session (2h)

21 oral presentations of 7 mn each

Afternoon 1.50 pm, 6 pm Afternoon 1.50 pm, 6 pm E X C U R S I O N
Afternoon 1.50 pm, 6 pm Afternoon 1.50 pm, 6 pm Afternoon 2 pm, 5.30 pm

Thematic presentations (2h)

From megalithic ruins to the building site : architectural projects, symbolic or technical systems, action onto materials
LAPORTE Luc (30’)

From the Throne of Stone to Funeral Chambers : myths and megaliths in Eastern Asia (Korea and Japon)
NESPOULOUS Laurent, MACE Francois (30’)

Megalithism genesis, the building of a cultural identity for a better circulation of goods
STEIMER Tara (30’)

Megaliths, landscapes and skyscapes: the broader perspective
SCARRE Chris (30’)

Megaliths in America (2h)

 General introduction

Precolumbian megaliths of the caribbean : plazas and "Bateyes"
OLIVER José (40’)
⊳ Personhood, Place and Power : An Overview of Megalithic Traditions from Andean South America
MCEWAN Colin (40’)
The Rise of Monumentality at the Mouth of the Amazon
DARCY de MOURA SALDANHA saldanha joao  (20’)
Two megalithic ceremonial centres in the Atacama Desert (Chile)
PERLES Catherine, NUÑEZ Lautaro (20’)

Megaliths from South-Eastern Asia and India (4h)

 General introduction

Northeast Indian Megalithic monuments and social structures
JAMIR Tiatoshi, MÜLLER Johannes (40’)
Setting the wider frame : A comparison of recent megalith building traditions in Sumba (Indonesia) and Nagaland (India)
WUNDERLICH Maria (20’)
⊳ Stone Jars of Northeast Indian and Southeast Asia: Problem and Prospect
THAKURIA Tilok (40’)
Megaliths and Megalithism in India, with Special Reference to Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India
Situating Megalithic Monuments in South India: Content and Context
RAJAN K. (40’)
Megaliths in Sindh, Pakistan
ZULFIQAR ALI Kalhoro (40’)

 Visits of megalithic sites of Tumulus C de Péré and Bougon, Museum of de Bougon, and sites in Vendée

Megaliths from Caucasus, Middle East and the Arabian peninsula (4h)

 General introduction

The Bronze Age megaliths in the Caucasus: development trajectory of the architecture and the funeral practice
TRIFONOV Viktor (40’)
The megalithic and rock-cut monuments on the Balkans
⊳ At the intersection of continents – megalithism in Turkey
YÜKMEN EDENS Bakiye (40’)
Megaliths of the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant
STEIMER Tara (40’)
Untangling megalith typologies and chronologies in the Levant
FRASER James (40’)
The tomb towers of protohistoric Arabia
MUNOZ Olivia (20’)

Mégalithes en Afrique du Nord et en Europe (4h)

 General introduction

Types of monumentalism and burial rites of the central and eastern Sahara
GALLAY Alain (40’)
Neolithic monuments with standing stones of north-western Sahara
VERNET Robert (40’)
⊳ The megalithic necropolises of the Eastern Magrib
SANMARTI Joan (40’)
Megalithic art: funeral scenarios in Neolithic Europe.
Megaliths from North and northwest France, Britain and Ireland
SCARRE Chris et LAPORTE Luc (40’)
Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation of the northern Funnel Beaker Societies
SJÖGREN Karl-Göran, MÜLLER Johannes (40’)

 Discussions and debate (2h)

 Closing session of the meeting (1h)

At the suggestion of the Steering Committee, a synthesis of the meeting will be offered by Luc Laporte, Director of Research at the CNRS, with contributions from the other participants.

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