International Meeting: Megaliths of the World

International Meeting: Megaliths of the World

9-14 sept. 2019 Historial de la Vendée (Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne, France)



The conference venue

Historial de la Vendée

Created by the Conseil Général and labelled “Musée de France”, l’Historial de la Vendée was inaugurated in 2006. This museum is dedicated to the history of Vendée, its territory and populations from Prehistory to nowadays.
The building itself is hidden in the landscape, changing colours throughout the seasons and merging in the Boulogne valley thanks to the grass roof. Instead of many museum institutions, l’Historial was not implanted in a heritage building but is contemporary and functional. It was designed by the Parisian agency Plan 01.
Museography areas represent 3000 m². At the origin, they were made as large empty boxes filled in with sceneries, collections and a technical grid. They can be adapted with new museographies and exhibitions. 
7 permanent exhibitions and 1 temporary exhibition area are linked to a great hall. Visitors can go to and from it without being trapped in an imposed way of visiting. Visitors can also spend some time in the cafeteria and the shop. Moreover, an auditorium with a control room can welcome 130 people for lectures.
Departmental collections are stored in the building itself. Archeological excavation collections found on the territory are also preserved at l’Historial.

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