International Meeting: Megaliths of the World

International Meeting: Megaliths of the World

9-14 sept. 2019 Historial de la Vendée (Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne, France)




On Sunday the 15th of septembre the Historial offers entertainment for the public and families.

From 10am to 7pm, in the park, a prehistoric  camp will allow an immersion in the Neolithic period : flint-cutting workshops, basketry, bone work... made and supervised by Chalcophore and Les temps d'Aénor.

Philippe Guillonnet, of Préhistoire Interactive, will experiment with the help of the public, the moving and the lifting of a big block.

Chris Scarre, member of the Steering Commitee and specialist of the European, will make, at 3 pm, an all-public conference on European Megalithism.

This day is open to all at the entrance fee of the Museum.

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